Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 20, 2013

365 days of getting it done just got it done!

365 days of getting it done just got it done! Pretty much feeling like the picture below – which a friend tagged me on Facebook.

365 days of getting it done

Tagged on Facebook

The above picture may seem a little ego-biased and you’d be right in saying that. But here’s the thing – when you’re confident in life because of this very simple rule… “by acting and doing exactly as you say you are going to act and do”, then there is a certain attitude that comes with living that way. It’s called congruency.

So very quickly, there was a major win for 365 days of getting it done. Today sees a new chapter in my freelance career as I’ve begun working with a very large and reputable law firm here in Melbourne. That’s just the by-product of the true win. The true win is:

* taking a leap of faith

* chewing off more than I can chew and learning to chew fast

* seeking and engaging people far better than myself at most things for this collaboration (my girlfriend is an integral part of this)

* stepping outside the comfort zones

* utilising positive energy

* most of all – when I said I’d do something, it got done!

It’s so freaking true when they say the universe will open doors if you start knocking. You’ve just got to start knocking. And when you start knocking, you’ve got to make sure you’re walking the walk and talking the talk.

Once upon a time I believed that if I simply thought of a dream, that was enough to make it happen. What bullshit! How I survived those years and that paradigm still amaze me. What amazes me more though is the vibrant life we can all live if we simply take the time to make some solid decisions, back ourselves in and then go out and get it done.

The road isn’t always easy to stay on. There are still times I want to pack up my bags and leave the life we call a “career”. But damnit, if it were easy, everyone would be all over 365 days of getting it done.

Anyway, I’m juiced to the eyeballs tonight with a true freaking desire to see this new project succeed… nay – DOMINATE!

Good night all.

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