Posted by: craigsblogs72 | June 20, 2014

Stay on the positive path, no matter the challenges


Jim Carrey’s words in the sixty-second clip are the simple truth. Ask the universe what you want, believe in it and then go after it – NO MATTER WHAT COMES YOUR WAY!

Yet as much as the message is simple, the journey to keep pursuing what we ask for can be challenging at times. There’ll be times when you just want to throw your hands in the air and say F*CK IT! (Sorry, I am who I am). Tough questions are asked as to why we pursue what we pursue when there are easier paths to follow.

That’s where it takes a mental toughness to stay focused on the positive. That’s where the magic is at for the universe will respond in kind no matter what is going on. For the last few weeks, the steps I’ve taken through dark woods have made me want to turn around on a number of occasions and go back to the life I’ve always lived – that is, work with the same types of businesses to generate the same kind of results. But something inside has always wanted to keep pushing forward. To continually improve. And that has taught me to keep mentally focused on positive thoughts and actions. More so in the last few weeks than ever before.

Today is so one of those moments that has me in total agreement with Jim Carrey, where by persisting on a path that has been ridden with so many attempts to derail the mission has led to a very positive outcome indeed. Life changing? Yes, I would have to say so.

There’s something highly rewarding that comes from backing yourself in, of taking charge and making it happen. Not just to improve our own lives, but for those around us as well. It’s when you go chasing dreams that have the ability to create a positive change in your world that the universe will give you the green light to go ahead… but possibly after you’ve been dragged through the  mud. Just be prepared for that.

But if you want it bad enough, go after it with such positive intent and action, then BAM!


P.S. Thanks for the inspiration from the sunshine state. You know who you are.


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