Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 17, 2013

Having an absolute ball-tearer with 365 days of getting it done ya’ll

Having an absolute ball-tearer with 365 days of getting it done ya’ll. My sincerest apologies if that offends you. It’s meant to be a statement about life being crazily awesome. Just didn’t sound as fitting for the title.

Feeling a little like this:

Can't remember the site I got this from... bummer...

Can’t remember the site I got this from… bummer…

Well, not really. The picture probably reflects the music I’m listening to at the moment. Do you like Slayer? No? Didn’t think so. That’s cool though. We’re still friends.

So this positive energy and changing the world around me… wait – I just had an epiphany. Why should the world change around me to suit what I believe is right? Shouldn’t I integrate with the rest of the world and fit in as best as I can with those around me. (Alot of I and me in that – sorry). That’s a deep question to be thought about later. Let’s get back to the agent of positive energy stuff.

This week has been amazing for the fact that there’s been a lot of challenges, positive solutions and overall wicked activity! Everything from:

* in the gym,

* tearing it up at work,

* hitting the ball out of the park with a freelance project

* being in a very loving relationship with my gal (and our furry kids)

Just those four things right there have seen this week take my happiness levels to wicked peaks – like, wassup surfer dude.

It’s not the circumstance that has an affect on you. It’s you that has an affect on you. We can get told the best news in the world but if our mental stability isn’t right, it could still be boring news.

Our minds are there for us to master… that sounds so stone-henge. Not master our minds but be the creative directors of our attitude and how we assimilate what goes on.

Imagine a global population whereby there are still challenges, ups and downs yet we can co-exist because when it really counts, shit just doesn’t matter that much. It might piss us off but we still wake up the next morning with a smile.

Maybe staying on a sober path with 365 days of getting it done has increased my positive energy. Hey – that’s my path and I don’t expect anyone else to follow unless they want to. I say if you can drink and be happy then drink. Unfortunately I wasn’t the best at drinking. The cool thing is – I now wake up smiling a whole lot more on weekends.

365 days of getting it done is still the game changer that it was always going to become from the outset. The continually improving path that I tread daily has rarely stopped in the passed few weeks. If it does – it’s simply to breathe.

Whatever you’re doing, may you be doing it with positive energy – for that’s all this world needs.

Positive energy

Thanks to for the image.

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