Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 14, 2014

Walking the dogs and finding peace

But before today’s post, this is what I’m currently listening to.

Back to walking the dogs and finding peace. For some time now I’ve been considering meditation but haven’t never put aside the time to do it. If I’m going down the rabbit hole with the online space that I work then I’m enjoying time with my gal and dogs at home. The reason for wanting to meditate is to become a calmer person. Maybe find a little enlightenment along the way.

Every now and then when walking the dogs I’ll stop and take in everything around me. Listen to the chirps of random birds, peer to the sky and see how amazing it looks in the afternoon or just feel life around me. Hey, this is starting to sound like someone taking “V” on True Blood. All jokes aside, that’s what happened this afternoon and it got me thinking. What if I took the time that I spend walking the dogs as a moment to reflect, to embrace and be grateful of life and clear my mind for a little while? (There’s probably a few of you who already do this – I’m just a little slower on the uptake sometimes).

That idea came five minutes into the walk. Forty minutes later and I walked back into the house invigorated. There are many challenges to face yet I feel more confident, more at peace and more excited about them. The meditating walk is now part of my daily routine… just not sure why I didn’t start doing this earlier.


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