Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 14, 2013

Never a let a good challenge get in your way of getting it done

Dogged Connection (don’t click on it yet… hold for another 48 hours). It’s my freelance business and the website and I are currently trying to negotiate better working terms with each other.

Me: Website, you should be easier and friendlier for me to adapt to and work with.

Website: F**k you!

Me: Hey. I created you. Give me a freaking break here.

Website: (repeats same vulgar response)

Me: Oh really? How about this?

One thing that 365 days of getting it done has taught me about creating a website is it is not as easy as one would think. Especially after you start stepping outside the normal guidelines. It’s a WordPress site yet because I made a few changes by and didn’t follow the script, have ended up deep in an ocean of unknowns and have no paddle nor boat.

There’s two things it would seem I am learning here:

1) Stick to the script. That is – when there’s a successful process already in place, stay on the path and don’t go swimming in the ocean.

2) Dedication to the cause. There’s a reason my tail wagged when the thought of “Dogged Connection” came into reality. Dogged means: having or showing tenacity and grim persistence. I got myself into the deep end with this site and freelance business and it will see success!

365 days is not backing down just because of a few fundamental website build challenges. Thanks to Google, I found a book that is downloading and awaiting my perusal. KA-POW!

Passion is something I believe you find when you are dedicated to a cause. Sure, there will be times when you feel like smashing something, walking away and giving up. I used to be like that. And life would respond in kind. One thing after another would fall over.

Now, with a dogged determination, it’s a matter of finding the value I hold in any given challenge and using that to persevere. Like this blog. 120 something days in and it’s still kicking along. This is now a lifelong journey, not just 365 days of getting it done.

Believe. Persist. Above all – be continually improving.

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