Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 13, 2013

The music that energises 365 days of getting it done

The music that energises 365 days of getting it done. This could be a long post because it’s a combination of blogging and music. It’s a quiet Saturday night at home with my gal and two dogs and I feel a little energised… could be due to the Red Bull sitting next to me.

So, about my musical tastes. I’m a metal head. Have been since I was seven. Back in ’79, living in Sydney (Australia), I asked my parents to go and see Kiss by myself. They didn’t let me. It took another thirty four years before I saw them. After just typing that this is what I’m listening to right now…
Metal has been in my veins for years and I can’t seeing it leaving me anytime soon. If anything, bands just can’t make it heavy enough for me! The heavier the breakdown/grind/sludge the bigger the smile on my face.

Once upon a time I played in a band on Sydney’s north shore. You know, one of those bands that were going places – just had to get off our asses to go somewhere. It was too much fun drinking and getting high in the recording studio. With the rise of grunge hitting the streets in the early 90s, we were one of the only bands on the northern beaches to stick to death metal. Then a girl like Yoko Ono found our group and split us up.

… ohhh… now I’m playing Nik Kershaw…

Before 365 days of getting it done tuned into metal, there were the 80s where I group up as a teenager in a country town. Looking back now, I felt like this guy:



An 80s teenage country kid listening to tunes that weren’t in the Top 40. But Nick Kershaw is Top 40?! So is WHAM! And I’m now listening to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Click on the link… I know you want to. Man I just love the 80s. Billy Idol was one of my all time favourites.

Music is a big part of 365 days of getting it done. It supplies me with positive energy. Well, that’s the way I choose to receive it anyway. Some of the stuff I listen to wouldn’t be classed as positive. Hmmm… nope.

I find using music to increase energy easy these days. Whether it’s the 80s, metal, rock, techno, industrial, blues… whatever! If it makes me feel energised then I’m going to listen to it.

Thanks for dropping by. Peace.

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