Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 15, 2013

It’s 8pm Monday night for 365 days of getting it done

It’s 8pm Monday night for 365 days of getting it done. What a day!

Dogged Connection continues to gain momentum and I’m feeling very positive about an upcoming opportunity to provide SEO (search engine optimisation) work for a national client. Another piece of the puzzle was put into place today and made the reality of it all much stronger.

Working on Dogged Connection has turned my brain into a mash of thought processing, opportunity seeking and all round freaking energy machine. It takes a bit of focus to switch off. I did this afternoon and took some snaps. What do you think?

I like the blur

Freeway @ South Wharf – Melbourne

365 days of getting it done

I like buildings – what can I say?

I just wanted to throw some photos in.

Back to taking time out with a busy day. It’s getting crazy in my head because once upon a time, when I transitioned between jobs I’d pack up my brain and put it in a closet until it was time to work. Now I can’t sit still. Constantly thinking about branding, online, clients, opportunities… the list goes on.

And even at 8.15pm on a Monday night, I’m loving the shit out of it all. The journey of 365 days of getting it done is continually improving the way I operate on a daily basis. If I’m not reading something about the online space, then I’m implementing something new or actioning something else. MOVING! (Like now, texting a mate who is helping with my proposal – game on!)

Oops. Just worked out how much the client is worth to my back pocket a month. It’s not big. But it’s more than a kick in the pants and that’s a good thing. I said Oops because now I’m getting more energized. STOP!

By the way, come join me on twitter… you can do that by following here. 365 days of getting it done. WINNING!


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