Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 5, 2013

Google Jedi training on day 119 of 365 days of getting it done

But before todays post fires up a light sabre, I want to thank everyone taking a little time out of their day to follow this blog. I’ve been watching the stats closely for last two weeks. More people are reading on a regular basis and that’s a beautiful thing. We really are sharing this journey together.

And that is Mr Sentimental leaving the stage now. Nice guy but you don’t want him hanging around too long. He likes to chat.

How about a random picture to break it up? Thanks to Meme Generator and the creator.

Jedi mind trick

Becoming a Google Jedi (Kaizen style) on 365 days of getting it done is nothing but freaking fun man! The SEO (search engine optimisation) landscape is more alive than ever in 2013 and to stay on top of it means hanging with Master Yoda… or Google, as much as possible.

Tapping into the online space to pursue an invisible energy that wants me to follow it down the rabbit hole scares the shit out of me because I only get to see the path in short spurts. The rest of the time I’m re-affirming myself this is the right decision. Apparently nothing great was built in one week. WTF?! Really? I should know that but still can’t understand why I get it done in seven short days.

What I do know is this. Knowledge is going to give me the edge when it comes to distinguishing my services. Knowledge of the online space, how it can help my clients and what they means for us long term. The clearer I am on who I am and what I can deliver as a business, the greater the success of my legacy. Legacy doesn’t mean a billion dollars either. Legacy, for me, is leave behind the world a better place when I leave. To leave a legacy means to make a massive positive impact on this world – one that continually improves!

So today I learned more on content and how it can make a vast difference to converting new people visiting a website. Content relating to picture, videos, text, heading and so on, etc. Some of the new sites coming out and simply awesome. Perfectly designed to capture a target audience. Hmmm, boring for you? End this I must (in best Yoda voice).

By the way, here’s a two minute Star Wars video. You’ll have to watch to find out more.

As day 119 of 365 days of getting it done draws to an end, find solace in you when challenges arise for you are pretty much the only one that can make you a better you in those times. For not even the smile from your gorgeous girlfriend, a happy lick from your dog or a funny tv show will give you strength to go on as much as the strength that lives within you.

Power up and get it done!

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