Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 6, 2013

Need to talk about fitness on 365 days of getting it done

I love fitness. Being an ex-Personal Trainer you’d expect that. It’s been a week since my last workout for 365 days of getting it done and I’ve missed it. Just got back and this is what I look like…

Nothing but sweat

Let’s cover a few things first. The love handles are there. You can clearly see them as you come down to my waist. So I’m not the slimmest looking dude going around. And Easter has just been and gone so I’ll use that as an excuse to have devoured a lot of chocolate and not exercised. That, one would think, it’s not conducive to continually improving energy, focus and movement. Clearly it’s not.

Sometimes life throws different challenges at us that require us to shift our focus and that may require sacrificing certain daily tasks. So for the last week, after being fired from my job, I had to bite more than I could chew and rectify (and resuscitate my career) my current unemployment status. That meant missing the gym.

Wait… some tunes are required to break the reading up a bit…

I love playing guitar and Joe Satriani’s “Always With Me, Always With You” takes me back to my high school days. Enjoy.

Right. Back to todays topic.

Working out today I realised how quickly I missed the endorphine rush I got from working out. Perhaps it’s just with what has gone on for the last week, the memories were put aside so 365 days of getting it done could get it done. So I’ve put my photo up for a purpose.

In 4 weeks time, I’m going to put another photo up. This is my promise to myself.

No matter what lies ahead, no matter how tough the fight or enlightened the path – I train at least 5 times a week with purpose and attitude… a mongrel attitude with positive energy.

365 days of getting it done has levelled up again and that requires more energy from me. To become a powerhouse unlike I’ve seen myself before, I need to go harder and faster than ever before. This is not for the benefit of anyone else except my own. Seems selfish but it’s not. The more energy I have, then the more energy I can give to use. Pretty simple really.

On that note, perhaps I need to put up a picture of one guy who inspires me… we all know who he is. Chris knows how to live a Kaizen lifestyle. Thanks to this website for the pic.

This guy rocks!

Get physical people. You know you want to!

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