Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 4, 2013

Creating a website on 365 days of getting it done

Creating a website on 365 days of getting it done is awesome! Tough but awesome! Check out this one hour Youtube clip that I followed.

So the new site is up and I’m proud to say I got it done in four hours. That’s just the shell. Now I need to get in there and add content and make it really Google friendly. Apologies if the title is a little misleading. You were probably expecting to see the new site. It’s coming in the next 72 hours!

Building the site got me thinking. When you find something in life that you can do for a living and do it because you want to do it, life is a blessing. Not in a religious sense either. More that you are grateful for being allowed to live the life you truly desire. Now I just need to make some money out of it to pay the rent!

Though today I did chew up a few hours putting our new bed, draws and drawer up so when Liss came home after being away for a couple of days, there would be a surprise for her. Driving back from the airport I’d made it clear that there was still a heap to put together and move around before it was finished. That was until Liss walked into the bedroom completed! (Clearly that’s not the completed picture below).


I tell that story because even completing that task 365 days of getting it done style, the theme in my head was “continually improving”. Once upon a time I’d just rip boxes open and go for gold. Not today. Today was calculated.

One box opened.

One box emptied.

One box and trash contents removed.

Strategically place item and move to next box.

Once the boxes were empty and items in all the right places, construction commenced.

Streamlined, flawless and effortless. All done within a few hours.

It seems like the more I tap into positive energy and allow it to guide me, the more life just flows effortlessly and more excitedly. Besides – who has time to focus on crap thoughts that stop you from continually improving your life. 365 days of getting it done is all over the kaizen attitude!

I promise the site will get it’s proper “go live” mention by the end of the weekend. Dogged Connection. Believe!

In the interim, here’s a post completed for my Brisbane commercial electrician friend, Mr Francis.

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