Posted by: craigsblogs72 | September 16, 2013

Challenges – a gift to find new perspectives

Once upon a time I loathed any type of challenge. Be it trying to upgrade my skills in the sports I used to play, improving my eating habits to look a certain way or whatever was new and unchartered challenged territory.

The last few days presented another challenge. And compared to other challenges in my life, it was up there with the best of them. Much was at stake. Relationships, career and personal integrity. The challenge nearly brought my world to a crumbling mess and would have taken a couple of years to rebuild.

Strangely enough, all the challenges I faced in the past helped me dig deep into what was happening and find new perspectives on what had transpired in the past, what was being dealt in the present and the impact it now has on the future.

Maybe in time I’ll come back to what occurred but for now, that’s not important as everyone’s situation is different. Yet what lies at the heart of most of what we face is the same. It’s a challenge.

Instead of trying to dismantle the challenge the same as I had done in the past, it was time for new perspectives, change paradigms and evole – continually improving.

It’s day 5 and the past 48 hours have proved to be enlightening and re-assuring as the universe has responded to my positive thinking. And man, has it taken every ounce of my being to focus on positive solutions rather than negative reactions. Something I used to do well.

A challenge, whether small or monumental is hard to digest at first because we have to face something that we don’t want to. Yet the greater the challenge and the more positive energy we invest in that challenge, the greater the reward is on the other side. It takes belief to know that will happen. And I’ve been through enough challenges and landed on my feet so many times to know that I trust that process whole-heartedly.

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