Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 2, 2014

Keeping it real at work

Hey, this is me. I’m Craig and nice to meet you.

Hi there!

Hi there!

May as well make this personal. Why hide behind a computer and be a faceless “personality”? We need to be more open to connecting and not hide. Anyway, that’s not the point on the post today.

We’re going through interesting times at work. Even had a company announcement go out on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) about an ex-colleague and his shenanigans. Like I said yesterday, life is tough and there are people who in the corporate world that are too self-interested.

That’s why we need to be keeping it real at work. I do what I do for the love on the online space. Be it web design, Google Adwords, SEO or social media marketing – the reason I love it so much is what my clients get out of it. Seeing their business grow, building long term relationships and being part of their journey is a massive reward in itself. So I just don’t get why there are greedy individuals in this world. We are connected at our deepest levels so to hurt others is to hurt ourselves.

With my uncle passing yesterday and people in business trying to be deceitful made me wake up with a resolve today to be the difference in the world, especially at a corporate level. It’s time to bring in some old school ethics and values.

And it garnished results today. One guy that tried to rumble with me on the phone yesterday apologised today for trying to do things on the sly. Hey, I’m not a major player by any means and I’m only dealing with the small fish at the moment. But at some point a stand has to be taken and that time is now.

When our heart and soul are bound to a higher level of intrinsically living then the universe will always be there for us. All it takes is belief and action. The rest will unfold in time.

BTW – thank you to the new followers that have popped up since this blog has come back to life. That just adds to more of the #100happydays journey.


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