Posted by: craigsblogs72 | September 4, 2013

It’s 2013 and we’re all human

It’s 2013 and in Australia, we’re about to elect a new Prime Minister. One that supports same sex marriage. One that doesn’t.

Now I know that’s not a policy to choose a Prime Minister over. What’s frustrating is listening the “views” of Tony Abbott and other Liberal candidates talk about same sex marriage like they are experts in family matters.

After some thought, my views are just that too. I believe, as a hetro-sexual, that my gay gal and guy friends should be allowed to marry. I have no evidence to support that it’s the “right” thing to do, that it positively impacts same sex raised children or any other substancial piece of information that can shed light on my views.

All I know is this. When two people love each other… that says it all right there. PEOPLE! Not man, not woman. The bible (though I don’t believe in it) talks how man should love one another. Yet the religious zealots turn the bible on it’s head and use it for their own crusade.

My voice is small and won’t have any bearing on the future of same sex marriage in Australia – well, not in the forseeable future anyway. I just needed to knock out a post over my frustration that as a country living in the Western world, our leaders are still holding on to their own limited ability to see how neanderthal their ways are regarding same sex marriage.

John Howard, one time Liberal leader of Australia, said the current laws don’t “discriminate”. NOT BEING ABLE TO MARRY YOUR PARTNER IS DISCRIMINATION DOUCHE BAG!

Rant over. Back to 365 days of getting it done tomorrow.


  1. Well Said Craig 🙂 Love is universal and not just confined to a man and woman!

    • Thanks William. Appreciate the support on this one.

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