Posted by: craigsblogs72 | January 12, 2013

Day 35 of 365 days of getting it done – training

This is Fear Factory’s song Replica. One of my all time favourite bands and this is one of their best songs by far. Enjoy!

Day 35 of 365 days of getting it done is about training. Training the body to become fitter, faster, stronger and healthier. That’s how my day started this morning. With a session in the gym.

Why am I so passionate about it? Because when you train hard, eat well and recover then the mind and body become an energy machine unlike no other.

Think about when you have a big night on the booze. How are you the next day? I’m not keen on waking up feeling less than 100% energetic the next day anymore. It’s called drawing a line. Just don’t cross it as much.

That’s just training of the body. 365 days of getting it done is about training of the mind and soul as well. I know it sounds cliche but when you focus your energy training all 3 elements then life takes on a different shape.

We're all awesome!

Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!



Life can be funny. A Simpson’s episode just ended about drinking booze… actually, a lot of Simpson’s is like that. Hmmm… I’ve come to realise drinking and I do not equal an energy machine the next day. That’s no fun anymore. I’d rather be getting it done!


That’s my choice. What’s yours?



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