Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 10, 2014

Stepping through a field of land mines

Okay, so the heading is harsher than reality, that’s for sure. But right now that’s what it feels like. What started as a bustling new role in a company nine short months ago, that was perceived to be going places, is now a monumental challenge of simply trying to keep a job.

For the past eight or so weeks, every single day at work has been one of maneuvering through a “field of land mines”. One minute can be spent out in the open and feeling like there’s a way forward when all of a sudden, with the next step, comes BOOM! Whatever hope of moving forward in that direction just exploded.

We had a new Human Resources Manager start last week and when they asked me why I stayed around whilst employees are leaving in their masses. I stated I still believe great things can be done… and I still do. It’s just becoming harder to stay focused on what I can impact when the challenges around me are so wildly unbelievable.

All I keep clinging on to is that for everything I and the others that are left are experiencing is only going to make us stronger, more adaptable and flexible to any freaking challenge that comes our way in the future.

That’s why I continue to….

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