Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 6, 2014

There’s no going back to the beginning

Let’s get one thing straight. This blog has evolved from 365 days of getting it done to now simply continually improving. That doesn’t mean for one moment that challenges fall by the way side. No way. If anything, they become larger and more complex.

Once upon a time any type of setback, be it small or large, would send me cowering back to the drawing board of life. I’d scrub the board clean, throw my hands up in the air and say it’s time to start again. Just another victim waiting for a shoulder to cry on.

If you think about that, it’s a flawed approach. What about all the things learned, all the mistakes made or all the challenges overcome before complete failure set in?

It’s been a monumental few years of taking hits. Hits that I’ve usually asked for in some way or another. Through lack of thinking or action, life usually throws a left hook to the side of my head to make me wake up and get me back on track.

Challenges will continue on the path I have chosen. The more I pursue my goals with intense focus and desire, the greater the challenges will become to prove my worthiness of entering new levels of thinking and action. This I fully ask for from life and expect.

And there will come times when I’ll be defeated. But I’ll never be knocked out. I’ll never have to go back to the beginning again. The journey is too far traveled to ever start again. All that is required from time to time is to set a new course.

Here’s the enlightenment of your journey and never having to start again.

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