Posted by: craigsblogs72 | September 1, 2013

It’s time to chase the real dream

The last post from me was somewhat dire. It was a crap day. Thankfully it’s in the past. Actually, after writing the blog on Friday, I went to the gym and something happened. This…

I walked in and the gym was empty with the only other person there being the owner who I know well – for obvious reasons. He was putting away weights next to me as I set up the power rack for a typical Friday squat session. Daz looked over and asked what I was up to. Told him the usual front/back squat session. That’s when I should have went home.

Daz, knowing full well that they gym is my playground and I play anyway I want when I walk in there, said that he had something for me to try. Being an ex-Personal Trainer (PT), I was up for it. This was the plan:

10x deadlift @ my weight (the weight isn’t important to anyone except me)

10x bench press

10x squats

9 x deadlift, 9x bench, 9x squat… down to 1 rep of everything.

To be completed in 40 minutes.

In summary: smashed the first 15 minutes. Wanted to cry at the 20 minute mark. Nearly died at the 30 minute mark. Finished after 45 minutes of believing in myself. And that from someone who considers themselves physically fit and strong.

If I had of finished at the end of the 6 rep mark, I would of hated myself even more. Read this post to recap.

But in the past 48 hours, I’ve seen a school mate follow his dream of art. An ex-PT client smash a new goal of running in a charity event and destroying it! He even gave up smoking 3 months ago.

It’s my turn. For too long I’ve said I’d follow an idea. Deep down the idea never excited me to a point of becoming brilliant.

I can’t deny it anymore.

My love has always and will be heavy metal. I can play guitar. I can play riffs that no one else can. It’s my turn to finally say “this is who I am – I will be heard”.

It’s part rockstar, part transform the globe with positive (yet the most brutal) music. Brutality amongst harmony exists. The dream is now reality. Stay tuned.

In the interim and something to shake your wave particles… Band = The Browning. Tune = Gravedigger (it’s an idea of what’s ahead.)

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