Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 27, 2013

Careful what you wish for

Since posting yesterday about moving to New York, some cool things have happened. Signs and activity that tells me with very clear intention and action, that which we wish for is easily achieved.

It’s when we strive for something that comes from deep within that allows the universe to be connected to every fibre of our being. That’s when you just have to start taking steps and the rest unfolds magically.

Yet be careful of what you wish for because as soon as you make a very direct decision to follow something that is screaming out from your soul, life will throw you amazing scenarios, circumstances and signs – stuff that may be unsettling and mind blowing… but that just happens when you chase your dreams.

And that’s why I’m blogging again. Because the more I visualise, chat about and go after living in New York, the quicker and greater the opportunities present themselves to make it happen (though from a quantum physics point of view, it’s already happened).

It’s 7:44pm on a Tuesday and my energy levels are on the rise. Not just tonight but continually on the rise.

Okay, best I shut up and get back to the fun stuff that helps my journey.


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