Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 26, 2013

It all starts with an idea

Above picture found here:

Above picture found here:

It all starts with an idea. And if that idea ignites you, then best you get busy on it. For an idea is much like a sales pitch. If you don’t buy it straight away then the likelihood of you buying in the future is slim. Unless it is a decision to delay buying chocolate. There’s a high chance you’ll buy that in the future.

Therefore I’m jumping on an idea that came to me today. It’s one that has ignited the nuts out me! It has to do with living a couple of blocks away from this place by 2016.

That’s the High Line in Manhattan. We visited there last year and loved it. It’s like Melbourne on steroids. And hence why Alicia, me and our 2 dogs are moving there in 2016. To Chelsea to be exact. Close to the Hudson River – that’s where we’ll walk the dogs. They’ve always been New York dogs… just… never been there. That’s okay. They are the sole reason we’re moving there. Seriously.

And this blog is going to help get us there. Intentional action. There’s more to this story to come. Let’s just say the journey has definitely begun… or in quantum physics, it’s already occurred and now it’s time to go back in time and revisit it in another universe.

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