Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 12, 2013

Quantum theory required a new way of thinking. Same with every day life.

Yep. That just happened. Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. I was in Primary School when that came out.

I’m not a scientist, a mathematician nor a scholar. Though there’s something that is basic about quantum theory in the way it was found – for new theories to come into existence, there had to be new a way of thinking. Perhaps it’s just the Kaizen way – continual improving thoughts to a point that in order to understand quantum theory, people had to ditch their old ways of looking at things and come up with new ones. It’s also called evolution.

So why not the same premise for every day life? You know, changing the way we think about things.

Ditch old ways of thinking and train ourselves to think differently. Clearly not to the point that we can lift buildings with a single thought. More about challenging what we except on a daily basis. I’ll use the gym as an example.

When we train the same way all the time, the body adapts and progress slows and will eventually stagnate. So I switch up my training when I feel that the body is becoming used to it. And now I’m training harder than I’ve ever done in my life – because I’ve questioned everything about my past training and am pushing into new levels that I thought weren’t possible.

Again, I’m not trying to pretend to be something I’m not. It’s merely looking at how new and better solutions are found when we adopt a different way of thinking.

This whole trip about positive energy have lead to reading articles about quantum theory/physics/mechanics/revelations… stuff that I’d been into just not understood. And still don’t understand most of it. But it’s about stepping outside of the norm to learn something that really is different to the way we see reality. That’s what I enjoy because it can teach you that not everything is as it seems and that we can have a major impact on who we are, where we headed and how we get there.

*** Last time I attempted to chat about quantum physics, a blogger told me that I had no idea what I was talking about. I possibly don’t – seems logical in my head, and isn’t that what matters? Ohhhh… as a matter of fact… get it, matter and quant… I’ll stop ***

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