Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 7, 2013

Giving from the heart – you can’t fake that shit

Just to kick off  todays post and because it was shared on Facebook recently. Oh, and because I love these guys. Metallica. Yeah, you already knew that.

So walking home from work today in Melbourne’s CBD was a woman trying to improve her life. She was wearing a “Big Issue” which usually means people wearing those are homeless. What got my attention was the dog she was carrying.

Okay, the dog was scruffier and the bag was tattier. I just wanted to throw in the cute doggy picture because it looked like our dog as a puppy. Moving on…

Because of her homelessness and my love for animals, there was no way I could let her go without giving her a ten dollar note. It’s not huge – I know, I know… I know! If I had more cash on me at the time I probably would have given her that.

Yet the smile on her face and hopefully the one I thought I saw on the dog made my week man. It was such a spur of the moment thing and that’s where it felt right.

There’s been times before we’re I’ve helped someone out and thought I was a saviour for doing so. Real righteousness type of stuff. That’s just crap.

What I felt today was directed by positive energy.

It’s building – it really is building. There’s been moments in the last couple of weeks where it’s been “WOW, did that really happen???”

The sub-conscious is overriding most of my thoughts with… you guessed it – POSITIVE ENERGY! The mastery begins…

Wait, that’s not the point. The point was giving to someone without waiting for a return gesture in kind can’t be faked. Yep. That’s the point. Goodnight.

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