Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 5, 2013

Brutality amongst harmony

Harsh title today. It’s not though, not in the context of what’s about to come.

I love the band Asking Alexandria. They demonstrate brutality amongst harmony. Just listen to their new song – Run Free. The lyrics in the chorus…


It’s the first time I’ve heard the song and be danged if that isn’t a sign I’m on the right path of global positive energy. Believe!

Days will be filled with chaos but in amongst it is the one thing that will always have the most influence – you.

Forget the serenity, I just want to go back to the USA:

Forget the serenity, I just want to go back to the USA:

Focus on the chaos, you’ll attract more chaos. Focus on your positive energy and the chaos around shifts. It’s like the chaos sits and waits in hiding because it doesn’t know what to do when someone is in control of their shit. That’s when you know you’re mastering your life. It’s A-MAZE-BALLS!

Brutality amongst harmony. You’ve gotta be a different kind of person to appreciate it.



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