Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 3, 2013

Positive energy is 24/7 thang

Can't grab the site for this either.

Can’t grab the site for this either.

Positive energy is a something you can’t just switch on and off. It’s like electricity. It needs to be a constant source to be of use to you.

And what happens when you tap into a continual source of positive energy?

Just like the cat above, your perception of reality is different. So whilst the picture may seem all drug induced, it’s not the case at all. If you’re focused on positive energy, then life takes on a whole new set of colours you ain’t never seen before. Like really, really, vibrant ones. That’s a sucky description.

You’ve got to want to tap into though. It’s there. It really is. Unless you want to harness it, then you’ll have no chance of fully realising what life has to offer. Wait, don’t get me wrong. People can still live a wonderful life without positive energy. I was there before I tapped into it.

Now life is just a ‘tad’ (that’s extremely underestimated and was trying to sound cool and funny but failed) more buzzing. Continually improving positive energy. Continually improving energy, focus and movement.

It’s a trip. But man, is it a wild one! #globalpositiveenergy


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