Posted by: craigsblogs72 | August 2, 2013

Where this blog is headed

Can't access the site I got this from... sorry.

Can’t access the site I got this from… sorry.

Perfect picture for todays post.

I’ve struggled with negative thoughts and behaviour all my life. Yep, struggled. Sometimes there are days where the “something, something… dark side (Family Guy quote)” of life has clouded my ability to make better decisions or pro-actively seek positive solutions. To the point that I almost gave in and accepted that is how life is.


Life can be everything we want it to be. I expect to still have negative thoughts and emotions, though my goal is to minimise the down time to a point they’re barely noticeable.

Positive energy man! It’s infectious and since I started the mantra of “positive energy is fuelled by the music I listen to”, the colour of my life has increased dramatically. Though head banging with delight on a busy tram full of people going to work in the morning in Melbourne can be discomforting for some.

Don’t get me wrong. There have still been times, like yesterday, where I wanted to squash things like the Hulk. The cool thing being I was able to recognize my emotions and put them in order sooner rather than later. But like the picture of Mandela, we’ve got to let go of so many huge connections to our past to be able to move forward. That’s where the real challenge lies. I’m in!

I believe we can live a peaceful, happy and co-exist as equals. Darn it – I’m going to give it a global red hot shot!

Who’s with me?!

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