Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 31, 2013

Interconnecting with positive energy – with heavy metal

Would you believe the above picture is an album cover belonging to a Christian band called “Impending Doom”? And their music… just – down – right – heavy. Angry heavy. And yet their message is about finding solace in faith.

BEFORE any one starts biting about religion, heed the following words. These guys are trying to get a message across of hopefully one day living a better existence through a belief system. That is it. It’s their own kind of positive energy.  It doesn’t match my belief system but the fact they’re trying to make a difference for the better across this world, then I am on board brothers and sisters.

You can check the lyrics to the song here.

Right now, I’m listening to Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone”.

Once upon a time I turned to heavy metal for hate. Being young, ignorant and not self-aware meant I used heavy metal for the Dark Side. Yeah, I thought I was so bad ass. HA!

Now I’m taking every bit of energy from the heaviest of the music genres and using it to keep my connection to an intrinsic positiveness –  a connection that stays because I continually listen to metal all… day… LONG!

You’re probably questioning what’s going on at this point? Like you’re not connecting to what I’ve connected to.

Here it is:

Lately a negative patch has clouded my thoughts. I got on top of it a couple of days ago but it crept back in today. Not for long thankfully. As I was walking to the gym tonight, I gotsa thinkin’ to myself… it’s time to interconnect with my positive energy 24/7. How? Easy.

Every time I listen to metal (or music for that matter because you almost hear music all day long), I’m to remind myself of the positive energy that comes from music. And because it’s metal all day, it’s not going to take long to become the positive energy beast I’ve been building to.

It’s time to stop thinking and step up the doing. Global positive energy has to come from different sources to suit different folks. That’s where I step in. Us different folks power on differently. Whatever that means…

There’s positive energy to be found in anything you want… like this thing:

That positive energy beast found here:

That positive energy beast found here:

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