Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 25, 2013

Ten minutes before this happened….

The guy in the picture was walking down the office corridor of where he worked. Based in the CBD of Melbourne, his day was just another ordinary day. Running photocopies, crunching data and genuinely being the all round hard working dog that he is.

So after grabbing another glass of water to drink with his two boiled eggs and celery, he headed back to his desk.

Then some weird shit starting happening. Ripping through the corridors was the sound of the most ferocious beast ever to grace the carpark of the building basement. Our man didn’t know if he heard it or if it was remnants of his protein fuelled lunch.

For the next five seconds the office disappeared to be replaced by a sea of sand. WTF?! Not only was it a landscape of sand for as far as the eye could see but there was a bull standing directly in front of him looking extremely pissed and had taken offence to the general location of the hero of this story.

They locked ‘horns’ for the next nine and a half minutes. Nothing exciting happened. Just a tough looking stance. Like in the picture.

Then I took the photo and politely asked the bull and the dude what had happened. The above is his reply. The bull won’t talk to me so I can’t help you with why it is there.

Point of all this. When was the last time you stopped and just thought up some random shit to give you a break from your daily routine? As you can see, you can have plenty of fun with it. Just don’t hang around too often in it’s hood. Sometimes you’ll go in and won’t come out for a few hours cause you go into lockdown. Best to stay away from that scenario – there’s too much awesomeness to be had in the real world!

Give me a high-five forĀ positive energy!

(I just dig the below picture – no relevance to the post)

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