Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 24, 2013

Rich Froning – one man that takes physical challenges to new heights

We need to get one thing clear. When I talk of over coming challenges, it usually comes from the gym. That’s where my soul resides for around forty-five minutes once a day. It’s my religion.

There’s one man at the moment that inspires me to push when I don’t feel like it. Ladies and gentlemen – Rich Froning.

Rich will probably take out the 2013 Crossfit Games, just like he did last year. He’s put on some beef since then and looks in devastating form.

I look at fitness like I look at my music tastes. It’s varied.

Strength trainers don’t like Crossfit. Body builders don’t appreciate true strength training. Crossfitter’s don’t like body building training. Whatever! Too much bitching going on for my liking.

This is the deal. You’re not going to appease everyone with your style of training. So f**k those people. (Sorry, it has to be said). If you find inspiration in the old lady that walks the block everyday, from the dude that just lifted four Boeing airplanes or the chick that sweats her ass off in Spin class (that’s for you baby, you inspire me!) then take that inspiration and run with it.

Don’t listen to what others have to say. If you’re getting the results you want training the way you want, then that’s all that matters.

Some people need to take their blinkers off and see what the rest of the world is doing sometimes because they may just be surprised at what they can learn from each other.


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