Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 23, 2013

The innocence of a child’s mind – and what I’d give to be more like one

Two boys were walking with their parents this afternoon when out walking our dogs. The boys were around ten years old and pretending to be superheroes, Transformers, Max Steel, Ben 10… who knows. Their arms were outstretched and they were talking in robot voices.

It got me thinking. At what point did life strike the innocence out of us and face slap responsibility into our daily routine? There’s two kids walking around (until my little yorkie scared the crap out of them as we walked around the corner) with their focus on being the most awesomest robots they could.

Wait. Life has never taken the innocence out of us. We just lose connection every now and then. I still want to be (and still am) a little like Peter Pan and never want to lose the fun out of living like a kid.

I think at some point tomorrow, I’m going stretch out my hands and get my Transformer voice on. And if it’s not too weird, just might make it a daily thing – keep that inner child alive.


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