Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 22, 2013

Never settle for easy

Easy Street is a place where just about anyone can live. Plenty of smiles, nothing strenuous going on and life is pretty good. BAH!

Shake the establishment up!



And the establishment is not the Government. It’s not where you work. The establishment is in your head.

The more we settle for easy, the lazier we become and life maybe a breeze for some – but not me. I’d rather be shaking up every ideology I have about every part of my life. Am I cruising along or am I going off the beaten path and creating new connections in my grey matter upstairs?

It takes ferocious energy to continually improve. Right now I feel like a freight train that hit a hill, took a bucket load of fuel to get up but now starting to fly down the other side. The hills will always be there. That’s where the establishments usually sit. Trying to block your way.

Knock… them… out… of… the… way…



  1. …and there it is ladies and gentlemen. Synergy, synchronicity? I don’t care what it is but is seems just when I need it most this blog is there 🙂

    • Quantum physics, from what I know MG, says it’s energy vibrating at the same frequency. Always appreciate you dropping in and saying hi. \oo/

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