Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 18, 2013

Every Mother’s Nightmare… not what you think

Indulge the post for a moment. A glimpse of yesteryear – 1990. When glam rock was still trying to hold on to the trophy of most pompous but brilliantly composed music of the time. It’s true! Don’t deny it!

(The above will depend on a number of factors, including in no particular order – age, gender, hair colour, type of pet, street name, favourite food and affiliation with alien life forms.)

Back to 1990. Every one, this is Every Mother’s Nightmare.

It still kicks ass!

I’ve been on a steep learning curve in the past few weeks. Here’s a summary.

Be careful what you wish for. For some time I’ve continually improved many aspects of my life, especially for my career path. Not especially – more emphasis on ‘career’ because it’s been an area that I’ve not been the best at. Not like I’ve completely sucked at it, just used to work at 60-70%. So it’s been a labour of love working diligently on a kaizen (continually improving) attitude towards life.

With a strong focus on my career, I’ve pushed to work with some of the best in certain industries. So for the past three years I feel I’ve been fortunate enough to do so and continue to do so. The thing I’ve learned is this:

Just because someone excels in their chose career path doesn’t mean they are a good person.

When someone sucks with poor communication and woeful attitude, then it gets the hairs on my neck (after reflection just now, the past few days have allowed that feeling to disappear) standing up and I’m like a real grumpy cat.

It’s cool though. Because I’m learning from those people. How to be better than them. Yep, I said it.

Jim Rohn once said you have to teach someone not for the sake of your own development, but for the other person. It’s called tough love. And why is it tough? Because the other person doesn’t respond to positive energy… not yet. First there’s got to be a little tough love.

The global phenomenon of intelligent people abusing their intellect by thinking they are better than everyone else is something I’ve not dealt with kindly before. Now I’m learning.

Just because I can out deadlift most people I know, doesn’t make me better than them. It just means I’ve worked hard at something they haven’t.

There are still days I’d like to just go ballistic and be like a gorilla on a banana high. But that doesn’t solve a thing and I’m just like them.

No. There’s a better way. Positive energy scares people. It means they have to be happy. So I’m making sure my happiness is contagious.

Join the happy revolution!

OH – and need to say a whopping thank you to everyone who catches up with this blog. As much as I want to be a Rockstar, knowing that people read this still weirds me out. It’s nothing but my thoughts. Anyway – it’s cool and weird at the same time. Again, thank you.

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