Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 17, 2013

Give me a N. Give me a L. Give me a P.

It’s a “know nothing state” kind of afternoon.

Would never have thought their was a website for this:

Would never have thought their was a website for this:

A blank image. WTF?


Think of a time that absolutely frustrated the crap out of you for no reason. Something that happened in a split second, gave you five seconds of grief and left you wondering why the hell that just pissed you off. Got one? Good. Let’s go to The Gun Show to find out what is going on here. (Before you click, know that the link will take you through to an awesome heavy metal youtube clip. I just wanted to add the words Gun Show to the blog today).

A “know nothing state” is a NLP technique. Roughly translated:

When out walking the dogs this afternoon a girl was talking loudly on her mobile phone as she walked passed. Instantly I started thinking to myself – “do you have to? Really? That loud? Surely the person on the other end can hear you without the people in New Zealand hearing you.” (I’m in Melbourne, Australia for non-Aussies).

The “know nothing state” says look at the above situation and remove all pre-conceived notions of why a girl talking loudly on her mobile is annoying. Therefore you look at the girl on the mobile talking loudly as if you had never encountered such a situation before. You’re encountering it for the first time. You know nothing of the situation.

It’s tough at first because your sub-conscious will throw up all past events just like it and re-enforce as to why something frustrates us.

This is not a technique to use on monumental frustrations. Or maybe it could be. Your choice.

But it is a good technique for shitty little events that have no relevance, no impact and no cause for us to lose our positive energy. Simply change the way you look at what’s going on, see it for the first time and you’ll soon find you’re seeing things so differently. It’s helped increase my positive energy because I stay more attached to it rather than letting the crappy little things chew up its bandwidth.

Until next time.

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