Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 16, 2013

Philip H. Anselmo is a redneck machine of positive energy

If you’re not one for heavy metal, then don’t watch the video. Instead, let me give you a little history on why that video is in this post.

Philip H. Anselmo. Once the singer for Pantera – one the greatest heavy metal bands to walk the earth. Their music, to this day, stands the tests of time and will remain as classics for generations.

They put out several cracking albums and then split. Philip started his own band. Dimebag Darrel, the guitarist of Pantera, and his brother Vinnie, also the drummer for Pantera, started their own band. Then one night when Dimebag was on stage, some dude got on stage and shot Dimebag dead.

That was a few years ago.

Philip H. Anselmo was dealing with demons when Pantera were together (well, from articles that I’ve read anyway), when they split, when Dimebag was shot and to this day. Mostly drug demons. And scary drugs too.

What I love about the guys is this…

Even though he has demons that he chosen to fight with throughout his life, Philip has continued to push the boundaries of heavy music. You may argue that heavy metal isn’t something to be proud of and why should a guy who is on drugs inspire anyone? You may have a good point… to some. To me, I see what he’s gone through and possibly still going through as inspirational.

He hasn’t given up on life. He hasn’t killed anyone. He’s not been violent with anyone. All he has done is channel his redneck attitude into a force of positive energy through music. Music which I know not only spurs me on throughout the day but for millions of others on the planet too.

So what if he chooses to live life differently. He’s making a positive impact on the world so who are we to judge?

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