Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 15, 2013

Getting the vibe from Jim Morrison

It’s a laid back Monday night. Work was hectic, challenging and brilliant all in one today.

Not that you can be a Rockstar at work all the time but if you could, who would you be?

After yesterdays post, I thought about it at work. There are days when I’m like James Hetfield from Metallica – get up on that stage  with a ferocious attitude and ready to tear down the establishment! Real horns in the air type stuff!

Then there are days like today when you know you’re rocking the establishment because your core values are different to that of the norm. Just like Jim Morrison. There will be days when you just smiling carelessly and look at people with that “do I really give a f**k about what you just said… man?” look.

Hey, if they’re not going to take me seriously, then I’m going to Jim Morrison them every time.

So bummed that I never got to see the dude live. Thank you universe for Youtube. I mean – thank you Google for Youtube.

There’s no better fitting way to end this post other than…


  1. Good stuff, thanks for sharing

    • Cheers Aaron. Glad you liked it my friend. \oo/

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