Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 11, 2013

It’s an Alice In Chains kinda night

Wow! I knew that Alice in Chains had a new album but didn’t know how killer it is. Check out the tune.

By now, those following this journey get a few things. I’m:

* a metal head

* train hard in the gym

and look like this during the day…

The good, the bad and the shit eating grin type

The good, the bad and the shit eating grin type

My day gig is marketing manager for a law firm in Melbourne. I smile a lot because I love what I do for a living. It’s challenging, creative, boring, frustrating and character building all in one. The shit eating grin above occurred because I can. Excuse my teeth. I’ve had a fear of dentists since I was a kid. I’m not kidding.

Underneath the exterior lies a dude that is hell bent on being the most positive source of energy. Sometimes that energy comes from listening to some of the heaviest music on the planet. It helps get the job done at the gym.

So it made me smile when a neighbour, who he himself is an officer in the Australian Army and a Bon Scott era Acca Dacca fan, looked at my surprisingly when he found out I really dig very – heavy – metal (I don’t know how to create more emphasis around that so….). When he found out that metal is my thing, his reply was “I wouldn’t pick a happy, big smiling guy as a metal head”.

Point is. What does it matter what you listen to? The music can only have so much of an effect before your mental (or lack of) compass kicks in and starts directing your thought traffic. Though as a guy in his 20s, I certainly let music take over my soul and I thought I was heavy metal! Again, that’s another post.

Sometimes I mention I’m into metal and people look at me strangely. Wait, I don’t just randomly walk up to someone and say “hey, I’m into metal”. You get what I mean. Anyway… I don’t mention that I don’t like the way their hair sits, or their suit sucks all kinds of ass. To them, it’s the coolest hair cut or the latest threads and that makes them happy. So I give them that. I just leave them to their confused look.

2nd point is. I’m really learning to love who I am, what I stand for and the positive energy that is derived from that. I will listen to metal, grow a beard (it’s okay baby, it’s coming off shortly) and look at life differently because in the end – we are all connected and I am just like every other person on this planet. I’m learning to let go more and more of the negative and life sucking thoughts and truly embracing the positive ones. I just do it… differently.

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