Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 10, 2013

Moments of clarity with negative thinking

Some comic stuff can be found here:

Some comic stuff can be found here:

That’s how I felt this afternoon. Some negative thinking crept in to my head at some point today and took over.

Jumped on the tram to go home with a nice little spot against doors that wouldn’t open due to the direction we were going. There was like a fifteen centimetre buffer between me and every one.

Two stops later people got off and then everybody (yeah, I meant everybody!) just crowded in like a herd of cattle and no regard for anyone but their own.

Then my small intimate space of inner sanctum was disrupted by a teenage couple banging up against me… giggling and in love.

Great. That’s exactly what I was looking for when my head was lost in the aural magnificence of 30 Seconds To Mars and trying to uncover where the ol’ negative thoughts came from.

In that moment I made a split decision. I got off the tram and walked home.

It didn’t make me any happier at the time because I felt like the dude in the comic above when the teenage couple decided to bring their love parade on the tram. Yet if I would have stayed on the tram  then the parental rating for the actions in my head would have surpassed for over 18s only. Like gore related over 18s stuff. KIDDING! I’m not really like that… just in my head.

The decision process was instantaneous and almost as if the decision had been made before the situation even occurred. It was all so clear. And the walk home – guess who was smiling when met by two furry kids at door?

365 days of getting it done has monumentally evolved since inception. As much as I still have those moments where my blood rushes, the capacity for my mind to recognize and shift focus almost as quickly is as perplexing as it is bewildering. No. That’s just bullshit. It doesn’t always move that quickly but it’s definitely getting infinitely quicker. OH KA-POW!

Continually improving focus, energy and movement. You do that on a regular basis – your shit just gets real tight.


  1. You know CL I really relate to what your saying about the capacity for the mind to recognize and shift focus faster… I wonder if it’s developmental and something to do with being 40+ or at least in that maturity range. I read every blog you past and it gives me moments to pause and reflect… so maybe that’s what’s helping my development along… There are always three points that loom in my mind 1. What would be 80 year old self have to say, 2. Diet Sleep Exercise are KEY to feeling and thinking GREATNESS and 3. In the history of the universe, for time immemorial this moment, and this person will never EVER exist again… and all of that adds up to a whole heap of, ‘It’s all good’ 🙂

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