Posted by: craigsblogs72 | July 4, 2013

Never question your state of mind

Unless you’re about to “off” someone. Then it’s probably a good idea to think twice. Unless they’re about to “off” you.

Other than that, if you’re having a blast and life is rocking, then why should you question your happiness?

Speaking of state of mind. Some bumper tunes on the electronica clip. Block rockin’ beats!

Things are rocking out and something in the back of your mind is wondering if it’s too good to be true? Tell that something to f**k off! That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Okay, tell that something it’s not welcome back and could it please leave.

In the last thirty two hours life has shown that if we stick to the happy path and not question it’s validity and if it’s going to stay around for much longer, guess what? There’s this constant flow of positive energy that keeps building.

I’ve simply focused on what I can do best, stick to my guns and if a gun show comes around, then my ammunition is my calm, positive energy and a will to deliver the best outcome for all involved.

I don’t question myself anymore. My belief just grows.

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