Posted by: craigsblogs72 | June 28, 2013

Letting it go


Awesome art like the above can be found here:

The whole cutesy “inspirational” pictures just don’t cut it sometimes. Why not go for the path less travelled? Yeah…

I’ve felt a little like the guy above this week. A dark place and tied to a block. Don’t get me wrong – they are like fleeting moments in a day, never for too long… that can put you in a scary place.

But now it’s Friday evening. I’m letting go of the week. It’s was rocking too! There were just times I felt like kicking the shit out of thai boxing bag. Actually, I did on Tuesday. That was fun!

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and get back on that horse!


I love people who have the same sense of humour as me:

Yep. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get back on that sucker and ride it ’til you throw up!!!

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