Posted by: craigsblogs72 | June 20, 2013

Parkway Drive and a Thursday night

Song: The River

Band: Parkway Drive


1) Parkway Drive are an Australian metal band from Byron Bay. a) That’s near where I grew up. b) I love metal.

2) Was thinking of my state of mind lately. Feeling like a “heavy metal buddha”. So I searched for a picture and found this.

Picture from this dude's very cool blog - a real metal buddha:

Picture from this dude’s very cool blog – a real metal buddha:

A couple of things might happen when you listen to the song.

You’ll thank me for posting a sonically constructed piece of metal awesomeness. Or, and this I fear will be the majority of you, going “what was that???”

I get that will happen and acknowledge it.

Though this is what I got from the song and picture.

Heavy metal is a noise that can be brutal. Like pull the skin off a dead red-belly black snake brutal. Much akin to the surf on rocks. Jump in when the waves are slamming all up on a rock’s face, like BAM! and you’re not going to feel good about much at that moment in time.

Yet there’s a dude, sitting so calmly with the Gods of Surf smashing down around him.

Okay, so the surf isn’t that devastating in the picture but there’s a story here. If the surf was crashing down around him, then much like the photo. Wait – just for affect.

Just the right touch thanks to:

Just the right touch thanks to:

So… if the surf was crashing down around him, much like the photo, the dude feels like a metal buddha amongst the energy around him. He’s in control and the chaos going on around him is not even on his radar. He’s so grounded he’s almost an internal chaos machine. That’s what happens when you’re a heavy metal buddha. It’s a paradoxical nightmare… unless you can sleep well at night.

Feeling a little chatty tonight. Just buzzed. But calm.

My girl is out seeing our nephew. Yep, love them both to smittens.

SEE! Listening to brutal tunes yet still focused on positive energy. Heavy metal buddah.

Until the next time your lama spits in your face.


  1. awesome post and video. thanks for sharing this kind of video.

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