Posted by: craigsblogs72 | June 19, 2013

Trying not to grind the nervers of others

It’s not something I intentionally do.


No, I do – just usually not to the people who’s nerves I’m trying to grind.

On the net, this pic is found here:

On the net, this pic is found here:

That’s a centerless cylindrical grinding machine. It probably grinds exactly what it sets out to grind. I, on the other, am not a centerless cylindrical grinding machine and the course I set sometimes ends up grinding something (or ‘someone’ more to the point) I shouldn’t have.

The last few days this blog has been about being outspoken for your beliefs… our beliefs. Today I learned to be more strategic about my approach. I’m learning.

We need to be responsible with our voice. It can’t always be shouting out to be heard. Nor should it stay silent in the shadows of our opposition.

It’s the voice of reason – ah – a light bulb moment.

Nothing new there. Good, because I wasn’t keen on stepping outside the square tonight. Did that enough today.


May the curly locks of children soak up your summer days!


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