Posted by: craigsblogs72 | June 4, 2013

Shout out to the folks that count, well, in this moment

Todays post is a shout out to the folks that follow this blog.

So I need to admit something. These posts were initially for me to learn about SEO (search engine optimisation), how to get across social media and test and measure the results.

It was cool at the beginning as the blog hit the front page of Google in a few short weeks, social media was no longer foreign to me and the results spoke for themselves. A very cool learning curve indeed. Here’s the thing… seems like there’s always a thing with these blogs.

Lately, as time has passed, my self-awareness has grown incredibly as well. Therefore I look at things totally different now. As much as you may not see it scream it, I can see the first paragraph under the picture to be very self-centred. And it had to be self-centred in the beginning.

If you learn something though that can empower and enrich others and yet you don’t have the pleasure of sharing and teaching that knowledge, then does that knowledge really empower you? To a point but you can see the true value of learning, sharing and teaching is where it’s at.

Man, I was on such a high horse about something there… though how can one be on a high horse when one is meant to be grounded (supposedly).

Wait, I’ll just get back on track…

The point is this. The audience – that’s you, has grown over the past few months to a point that these posts have move beyond any concept I first had for them. As our journey together continues to evolve, it’s exciting to have new folk come and hang out. Maybe it’s just all that positive energy floating around out there bringing us all together for the first time…. or simply re-connecting us. The latter sounds like it.

It’s funny, I came home last night and wanted to add a new post but the day was less than inspiring. For some reason, Mondayitis really had an effect yesterday and I couldn’t shake it. Normally I can but not yesterday. Someone must have brought Kryptonite to work. Yep, that explains it. Anyway…

The cool thing is, I woke up this morning and it’s been game on since my feet hit the bedroom floor. Makes sitting down and having a chat with you folk a little more energising.

Once again – thanks for hanging out. Man, we are only just getting started!!! POSITIVE ENERGY – GET ON IT!

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