Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 31, 2013

Not every gym moment has been fun lately

Why not change the flavours up today? No SEO trickery – just Craig sharing his thoughts in an “open source” way… whatever that means.

Pic brought to you today by:

Pic brought to you today by:

For the past few weeks, and it’s been weeks, the overall attitude I’ve had towards going to the gym has been poor. Let’s not hide anything here. There have been times when I’ve been in the best possible mood and the last thing on my mind which I know I need to do is train. F**K THAT!

I’d bitch in my head about it for a couple of minutes. Not too long – that does damage over time. Stay clear of hanging out in that hood for too long. Cool? Good.

Then I’d get dressed and go anyway.

That’s been going on for a while now. Then something happened yesterday – it got fun again. Wait! How, you ask? Oh man, I’m so glad you asked me because I’ll always tell someone that asks!

My workouts had started to take their toll and not produced the desired results. Or had they??? See, the body is strange thing at times. There are periods where you push and nothing seems to change. Then in one moment there’s a paradigm shift caused by a fleeting look in the mirror at the right time and all the work has actually formed into shape!

Shit is starting to get real again. I’m getting the results I’m after. Perhaps changing my workout around a little has helped. I’d love to say I know but what does it matter now? All I do know is that perseverance in those times of weakness will determine your future ability to keep going to task on your goals.

It’s Friday squat time and that hasn’t been my favourite day at the gym. Today it is because no matter, I’m going to make the session count towards my goal. How it is done has some bearing – how it gets done is where it’s at.

May you all have a freaking “bespoke” weekend. I just don’t gel with that word so thought I’d use it. Told you today was a little different from normal.


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