Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 27, 2013

Attempting to stay grounded with 365 days of getting it done

Attempting to stay grounded with 365 days of getting it done. That’s where it’s at people. Why? Because I feel like this…

That’s Kirk Hammett of Metallica. He’s been an idol of mine for over twenty years. Right now, I feel like I’m the one standing in front of a massive crowd and living the dream. And that’s why the heading reads “attempting to stay grounded” because life is so full of energy at the moment. So much so that I could freaking burst.

Here’s why.

Since starting this blog, life has transformed in ways that at first seemed impossible yet have now proven to be very possible. And the more impossible the thought, the more in transpires into reality! NO SHIT! Okay. That’s about as clear as mud.

So six short months ago I moved into a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) role and that entailed some web design stuff. That took my knowledge of the online space to new heights from where I’d previously been hanging out in PPC (pay-per-click advertising) land. The online space showed me a life I was aware of yet never thought about often.

Learning more about SEO, PPC and social media lead me to learn more of the marketing means behind online advertising. I started crossing lines when I’d see online clients and discuss their offline marketing efforts – stuff I had some idea about but not even at an intermediate level. In six months I’d changed career roles (and organisations) three times. Something inside of me was pushing me to keep learning and add more value to myself and to the people I dealt with.

Perhaps the past few months have come down to the power of intention. Again, and this has been mentioned before, the clear choice of words to describe the past, present and future have literally shaped everything with 365 days of getting it done.

From SEO, PPC, social media and everything online, I’m now thoroughly enjoying my new career path as a Marketing Manager.

Okay, to some of you, the roles I’ve been in and am in may not be overwhelming exciting or set your world on fire. I get that. What should be taken into consideration is this:

We have every ounce of ability to be more than we think we can. After all the years of reading, watching and digesting self-help/self-improvement content it is safe to say “that shit is real”! Belief in one-self is so under-rated and not focused on enough. If everyone person on this planet decided to live 0.01% better than they did yesterday, then their 365 days of getting it done would probably be a lot sweeter than mine.

Staying grounded when being on such a roll takes just as much energy as pushing the boundaries. There are times when I feel like my world is impenetrable and I’m 8ft tall and nuclear bomb proof. Maybe… I am.

Blogging has and continues to be my saviour for it lets life sink in. Reflection is a beautiful thing. Just like this moment. The thoughts running through my head when I first started tonight were flying at 1000/mph.

Thankfully the calm waves of serenity have washed up on to my shore. And on that note – good night ya’ll.

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