Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 23, 2013

A little bit of culture for 365 days of getting it done

A little bit of culture for 365 days of getting it done. Transitioning between careers today, therefore have the pleasure to sit back, contemplate tomorrow and all that entails. Sitting in the home office and typing out ideas, decided to find a classical guitar tune to get creative with. The choice:

Get out of town! This chick has got her 365 days of getting it done down… and then some!

My hat goes off to people who pursue their dreams. It’s a rocking place to be. Especially when people like this gal are so inspirational. The cool thing I dig is that she can play a tune that in turn juices my creative flow. And now that I’m stepping into a very strategic marketing role tomorrow, I need all the creative juice I can get!

Normally there’s metal, something like Metallica, screaming down the headset while working on the Mac but today the classic tunes are fuelling the mind for today’s blog. It’s making the 365 days of getting it done lifestyle the shizzle!

There’s something to be said for the soothing attributes classical guitar brings to the table. Well, I’m the sure the guitar and table don’t talk to each other… or do they? You get that, right? No. Hmmm….

Especially when the composition is played with such passion and intensity. There’s a breathe of energy that comes from each passage. And then I’ll throw a wicked solo over the top in my head – more Metallica! The crowd goes crazy and I get back to work.

Plus it’s so easy to just sit and listen endlessly from song to song, accomplishing nothing but complacency. Good place to be… sometimes. Other times it’s got to be about 365 days of getting it done. Which I need to get back to. It’s only 3.13PM. Get it done time!




For those who have dropped in lately (and from the beginning too!!!) Welcome! You put a big smile on my face when I know you’ve said hello with your big digital nudge to my arm. Half of you have a bigger nudge than others… easy folks – no need to get carried away. A gentle nudge is just fine.

Okay, on that brief and extremely cultural journey, farewell to you this afternoon with positive energy.

May the sun shine and the trees stay green.

Until next blog.

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