Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 15, 2013

Taking on a new approach with 365 days of getting it done

Taking on a new approach with 365 days of getting it done has been going through my head a lot lately. When this blog started it was all about a daily perspective on the achievements I’d set for myself. Very egocentric, wouldn’t you agree? It’s time for a change.

As of today, 365 days of getting it done is all about increasing the positive energy of the world. Just like the picture above. Less of I. More of us. Continually improving has been a strong motto that I’ve taken on board for the last few months and the amazing impact it’s had on the direct world around me has been phenomenal.

So it’s time to start getting a stronger message across that we can be everything we choose to be. It takes effort – let’s not try and bullshit our way through this. Though the effort should be one that we are congruent with to a point that the effort put in is so intrinsically built into our paradigms, that the effort becomes second nature eventually. The hard yards is at the beginning when we try to re-wire our brains to believe in ourselves 100%.

At work, I’m becoming an agent of positive change within our business culture… only two weeks in. Why? Because the belief I have in myself to effectively create a positive environment that enhances the current business model and pushes people to step outside their comfort zones to be that 1% better than they were yesterday – the belief is off tap! And because of the infectiousness of it all, that change needs to be taken to a global audience.

They say like attracts like. Well let’s connect with more like minded brothers and sisters and change this world. There’s so many of us out there – we just need to bring it all together because we can make a difference.

365 days of getting it done… increasing the positive energy of the world.

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