Posted by: craigsblogs72 | May 1, 2013

Making it happen all over the place with 365 days of getting it done

Making it happen all over the place with 365 days of getting it done. That’s where it’s at this Wednesday night at 7.11pm – Melbourne, Australia time.

It’s been a few days between blogs and moving forward, that will become a constant as I strive for the perfect work/life balance. This was to be a daily blog but I feel it can be stripped backed and deliver a better message if it’s not pushed out when there’s not a compelling story to convey. And I know that has been the case with some of the 365 days of getting it done (though the linked page was one of the highest read) posts.

Todays heading is so pertinent to the past few days and needs a little explanation.

I started a new job at the beginning of the week and it’s still in line with my quest to become a Google Jedi.

Becoming a SEO (search engine optimisation) expert has always been the main aim of 365 days of getting it done and why I started blogging. Now I’m hanging out (working) with a brilliant firm with some very knowledgeable individuals. Tick that box!

Yet putting in the mental yards on a daily basis to research, implement and expand on said SEO knowledge takes up physical bandwidth in the mind/body energy sectors. Therefore in the last few days the last thing on my mind has been getting to the gym and getting it done.

It’s been a push to get there but I have. And once I’m in the door, I get my game face on and get to work! I trained in the morning yesterday and nearly fell asleep during a meeting so shifted to a lunch session today.

Then coming home at the beginning of the evening and thinking about blogging has almost made me want to crawl under a rock and just sleep until the next day. That thought has really got to me. To the point that I had a steely determination to make sure I posted tonight.

You’re all probably reading this and thinking that’s not really setting the world on fire. And I’ll agree with you. The point of tonights post is this…

For me, as I’m move along this journey we call life, if I’m going to commit to something in my head, no matter who I have told, promised or whatever – I need to follow through with it for my own mental stability. Once upon a time I’d say I’d something and not follow through with it. Even with this blog. In the past 48 hours I’ve almost quit from 365 days of getting it done.

Here’s the thing – the more I persevere, continue to push through when at times I simply don’t feel like it, will only make me stronger. It may only be a blog but it’s more the mental strength that comes with following through on a promise to myself that ultimately gives me the satisfaction that I no longer lay down and play dead when I’m tired.

And strangely enough, getting these thoughts out has made me even more determined to step it up a notch over the next couple of days. There’s nothing like positive energy to drive a fully loaded Mac Truck at a billion mile an hour. KA-POW!

Anyway, I hope you’re getting your own 365 days of getting it done… DONE!


  1. …again CL just when I need most your words help me stay focused. Thank you!

    • Stop it. You hang up. Once again, your kind words keep the fire lit for 365 days of getting it done. Get your boogie on!

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