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Blogging and Why it’s A Big Part of My Life.

Walking my dogs in the afternoon is by far one activity I look forward to daily. It’s still to be determined if it is the excitement they first get when they know the time to roll is upon them or if it is the simple enjoyment of getting outdoors with my two ‘kids’ and taking in the neighbourhood as we rock around.

365 days of getting it done in Melbourne.

That’s my hood. Southbank, Melbourne.

When I’m out walking with the dogs, I clear my mind and take in the surrounding environment at first and focus on anything. Could be a garbage bin that captured my eye. If that’s the case I’ll see why the bin caught my eye. Then I’m there. My mind clears itself and new thoughts serendipitously come and go. It’s also the time that answers to questions I’ve been asking of life usually come to me as well. The moment I stop thinking about the complexities of living, the universe is given a chance to respond.

Just like walking the dogs, blogging also is way to clear my mind and reflect. And on an afternoon like this, the scenery certainly helps.

365 days of getting it done

With 365 days of getting it done, I daily get to sit down, look at the view and ask some big questions. Four questions I came across last night, which I haven’t thought of for a while are:

  1. Who are we?
  2. Where have we come from?
  3. What are we doing?
  4. Where are we going?

We won’t get into those. That’s for you and I to answer in our own time. Good questions though, right?

Thankfully I’m not answering those question. Todays blog is why I’m so involved with it.

Sitting down daily and reflecting on the complexities of life and not trying to figure them out but simply understanding what each one is and it’s impact on the future is a great way to spend time. (Figuring them out can come after they have gone… if they go at all). Some are good complexities that challenge me to keep on my toes and never stop learning.

Going over those thoughts and putting some of them down on here in the posts on a daily basis is why blogging usually provides insights into the future. The cool thing lately is with the way positive energy drives me internally, the external world is becoming more opportunistic (in a good way – ways that positively change things up), alive and energetic.

They say the above happens due to the ‘observer’, that is – us. If we think and feel that we, as an individual, are entirely made up of positive energy then the universe has to respond in kind. That’s why I think I’m a little different to the rest of the world at times. I honestly believe my body is nothing but positive energy. It’s what I do with it that makes a difference. Hmm, that’s for another day too.

So can you see why I blog now? It’s spiritual, motivational, positive focused, life transforming type stuff. And that’s just what I get out of it. Remember, what I put down here are sometimes purely for selfish reasons. That’s to give me to time to think about me. BUT! Shhhh… no harsh comments about being selfish. Or a shell-fish. Wait… When I take the time to blog and think about me, I get to work out how I can better for myself and for the world around me. Why freaking not? It’s a buzz being happy because you know you’re giving life a red hot crack!

Keep it real.

Craig \oo/

Listening to Van Halen and finishing off with this pic. Thanks to This Sydney Life for the pic.



  1. Writing is also therapeutic and enables one an ability to say succinctly what needs to be said about how one feels, loves or expresses oneself. Another great Read Craig. You always keep it real 🙂

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