Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 23, 2013

There are some days getting it done are less than energetic

Today was one of those days. And for the simple fact that I had a poor nights sleep. Woke up at four a.m. and cleared my emails for an hour a half. Come to think of it, that was very productive. But to fall asleep again at six then wake up an hour and a half later. Well, that just didn’t start the day off with all pistons firing.

Even after a good rolling start this morning, by twelve p.m. I’d hit a wall and what was left of the car was pretty much wrecked. It was time to give the pit crew a chance to get under the hood while the car was taken off the track.

That’s when the ultimate battle began. As much as I was physically tired, my brain is so wired these days thinking of just about anything… (I may have just answered something there. Will come back to this) that it’s hard for me to turn the engine off. It roars like a jet engine most of the time these days and I love the ride but sometimes that jet has to land and refuel.

So fighting to relax, a nice contradiction, is much like a Tekken battle for me to actually take sometime out to recharge the mind, body and soul.

Fighting to relax

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And on a day like today, when I’m kind of on holidays, I should be comfortable with taking a break but it just took a while to do so.

Man, am I glad I did. I slept for a couple of hours and had something healthy to eat. That energized me to get to the gym. Smashed that session and then came home and tidied up the house. Have since read up on a Google book, did some stuff online and now preparing dinner.

See what happens when you blog. In retrospect, the day started off a little less energized than normal but dang it, it’s finishing off pretty strong.

Oh, and a shout to a new friend I met today. His name is William. We kept bumping into each other on Facebook so we took the plunge. Glad I did too. Here’s a bloke that has taken upon himself to get it done – the weight loss way. Not going into detail too much but he’s lost a few kilos and done it with determination and a healthy lifestyle. William is the type of guy you want to be hanging out with because he’s got some positive energy going on! Big ups William! And thanks MG, once again, for your kind words. It helps keep 365 days of getting it done moving forward.


  1. Thanks Craig you are a legend and an inspiration

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