Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 17, 2013

Backing myself with a leap of faith – and it’s scary as sh*t!

365 days of getting it done is definitely producing some results at the moment that are simply outstanding – probably more so to myself than the average punter. Let’s be clear here. This blog is about getting my thoughts out for myself and if there’s a genuine and general sense of “paying forward” coming from the posts then all the better!

Today I met with the owner of a firm in Melbourne’s CBD. For me, this is the type of person I’m looking to learn a lot about business from and in turn, will help grow his business. This is how I felt on the inside as the meeting progressed.



The aim was to go into the meeting and become the firms online marketing specialist. I walked away from the meeting with the opportunity to be so much more. Details to come once the role has been landed.

At first I was gobsmacked and didn’t know where or how the opportunity had worked it’s way into the catch up. It wasn’t until walking home that little pieces started to come together in the puzzle and it all made a bit more sense.

Without going into too much detail, it would seem the work I have been doing for Dogged Connection over the past couple of weeks has indirectly pushed me towards the opportunity ahead. And it’s a big leap of faith that I’m taking in myself (and for that of my family ) to jump into the role.

I was watching the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know and it’s a mix of quantum physics and self-awareness. It’s brilliant and I highly recommend you view it if you want to change some stuff in your life. I say stuff because stuff relates to anything. Moving on… Some of the documentary talks about thought and quantum physics can directly impact your life. Believe me when I say it’s true because the last few weeks of 365 days of getting it done have proved that with the right thoughts, the right actions and positive energy you can pretty much create the universe that you want. Obviously not to the point of making money grow on trees but impact your life enough that you can influence future outcomes.

It’s hard to fathom at first but I’ve been on this path for years and it’s not until you back yourself and take a leap of faith that what you’re about to do can succeed. Quantum physics merely adds scientific proof of the way the brain interacts at a sub-atomic level with the “universe” around us.

Here’s a clip that ties in well with the above. Enjoy and goodnight.


  1. Where can I get my hands on this docco CL?

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