Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 11, 2013

Jason Newsted and how he inspires 365 days of getting it done

Straight up – congratulations to you! You made the best viewing day for 365 days of getting it done yesterday since its birth. THANK YOU!

Jason Newstead and how he inspires 365 days of getting it done could mean nothing to some people. So for those who don’t know who Jason is, you’re about to. Like a five second journey. Hold on!

There’s a band:

Jason was in that band as the bass player. He left a few years ago. Now his new band sounds like this.

Now for those that know Metallica and just listened to that, would you agree that this is more heavy metal at its best?! That is head bangingly beautiful.

Jason is a guy that lives for continually improving. You can tell by his music. Back then and now. To play in Metallica is a phenomenal feat. To back it up and put together a song like “Soldierhead” is down right respectable.

Here’s a guy that helped shaped the metal landscape and continues to belt out brutal music. That takes energy and that’s why Jason Newsted inspires 365 days of getting it done. By the way, I think I’m on to my fifth listen of the song today! When metal is in your veins… well, it’s just something you can’t explain.

If we focus our energy to be a little better than we were yesterday, we can gradually build it up together.

Since starting 365 days of getting it done, I focus with more clarity, achieve better results and feel happier all round my universe. Do you what I think started it all? By using the right words to build the right energy, the 365 day journey had no choice but to present new and exciting opportunities. Man, that’s another post all together as the thoughts on that are starting to rush in. FOCUS CRAIG!

Someone once told me I looked like Jason Newsted. It’s when I had long hair. I need to find one of those pictures – I loved having long hair and being in a band. My kaizen path was there at the time. I just chose not to follow it.

Today is a little different to when I had long hair. Now I thankfully choose to continually improve. Why not? I’ve got nothing better to do…


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