Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 10, 2013

The water starts to flow on day 124 of 365 days of getting it done

The water starts to flow on day 124 of 365 days of getting it done. If you read yesterdays post about “Priming the Pump” you’ll know what I’m on about today.

Let the video below explain how I’m feeling today before we get into it. Taking charge!

Jim Rohn. He’s a guru. The above is short, sharp and to the point. Three minutes of pure gold. If you take it in, then you’ve just watched a game changer.

I’ve been priming the pump (taking action) for a career change now for just over 48 hours. Before that I’d been focusing my freelance business – Dogged Connection – still in its infancy. So when I shifted focus to finding a new job, the energy and action that followed has helped bring water to the top of the well quickly.

Tomorrow is my second interview with a SEO company that is next door to the gym I go to! BONUS!

You know when you get a feeling that:

A) you’re being lead purposefully towards something.

B) the planets line up and you can see the entire universe unfold in front of you (well, not the entire universe – you get what I mean).

C) the above universe responds in kind because I took positive action.

The guys at the agency seem down to earth and focused. Sounds like there is a clear direction and they’re ambitious enough to keep moving forward. Another freaking tick on the ol’ “that’s good for my career” list.

With the water pump of life, you can never tell how long it’s going to take to prime. All I know is that if you want something, focus on it and start taking steps towards it, then the only outcome can be positive. More and more I’m appreciating how my mind and I actually get along these days. It’s been a challenging road for the past forty years but we’re on the right path now. Continually improving for good.


Thanks to Julie McCutchen for the picture. 365 days of getting it done – makes me smile!

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